Sunrise Waterfront

JAG Spotlight:  Sunrise Waterfront – Insights from Lake Las Vegas Homeowners

Recently, we had the privilege to sit down with homeowners who entrusted JAG Development with the realization of their custom luxury home. From initial design concepts to the finishing touches, their journey unveils insights into the seamless collaboration between Swaback architects and JAG Development.

Design and Collaboration 

Hear from the homeowners how JAG Development stood out from all the builders they evaluated. The architects at Swaback architects pointed out that choosing the right builder was an important piece to seeing their drawings come to life.  The homeowners agree the process wasn’t a nightmare as they were told it would be by others but rather an exhilarating experience, where they witnessed their vision come to life in real time.

The Jeff Gibson Experience 

For these homeowners, Jeff Gibson, Co-Founder/CEO of JAG Development, became known as “my favorite builder.”  Jeff’s unwavering commitment to excellence was evident throughout the journey. Transparency and honesty defined their interactions, where challenges were met with swift solutions. While not always delivering the answers they wanted to hear, it was refreshing to know that Jeff’s integrity brought truth to any and every situation.

Schedule, Cost, and Quality 

Navigating the intricate balance between schedule, cost, and quality is often the cornerstone of any construction project. In the case of our homeowners, the priority was clear – quality would not be compromised. Aware of budget constraints, scheduling emerged as the sacrificial piece between the three. Despite delays, we kept the homeowners informed every step of the way. Our dedication to meeting deadlines, despite unforeseen challenges, is something that will always define JAG Development.

Mastering the Nuances 

A sign of a really great builder is their knack for understanding all the little details of a project and then making sure they get everything just right without any mistakes. From intricate details to grand architectural features, every facet of the home was brought to life with precision and care. For those considering the journey of building a custom luxury home, don’t take our word for it, see what the homeowners of Sunrise Waterfront had to say.

Embarking on the journey of building a custom luxury home is an adventure filled with excitement and possibility. As you envision your dream home taking shape, trust in the expertise and dedication we will bring to your project. If you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality, contact us at (702) 575-3845 and let’s build together.

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