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Revealing the JAG Precision Build Process for Construction Projects

From custom luxury homes to extensive commercial complexes, every project requires a systematic approach that ensures quality, efficiency, and compliance. This is where we at JAG Development shines with our in-house 9 Phases of Construction process, we call the JAG Precision Build.

Phase 1- Planning: Setting the Foundation for Success

Much like a plane taxiing on the runway, every construction project begins with careful planning and design. JAG Development ensures that both commercial and residential projects have a solid blueprint for success throughout the project.

Phase 2 – Permits: Navigating Regulatory Waters

Securing permits and approvals can be a lengthy process. JAG Development, your favorite builder in Las Vegas and Henderson, takes the reins, ensuring that all projects adhere to local regulations and compliance standards.

Phase 3 – Foundation: Building on Solid Ground

We can see how the initial planning is bringing your project to life. A stable foundation is crucial for the structural integrity of any building.  

Phase 4 – Framing: Crafting the Skeleton

Attention to detail is key in the Framing Phase, where the building’s skeleton takes shape. Whether it’s a commercial complex or a luxury residence, this is an exciting part of seeing your project take shape. 

Phase 5 – All Rough-In: Setting the Utilities in Place

From plumbing to electrical and HVAC systems, JAG Development ensures that essential utilities are seamlessly integrated into the structure, laying the groundwork for functionality.

Phase 6 – Shell: Enclosing the Vision

From skeleton to structure, the shell phase encompasses both interior and exterior elements. Drywall installation, roofing, and window placement bring the project closer to completion.

Phase 7 – Interior: Adding the Final Flourishes

Flooring, cabinetry, and paint breathe life into the interior spaces, whether it’s a beautiful luxury home or a complex commercial space designed for functionality and aesthetics.

Phase 8 – Exterior: Elevating Curb Appeal

Aesthetics matter, and the Exterior Finishes Phase focuses on enhancing the visual appeal of the structure. From siding to landscaping, every detail is executed to the JAG standard of excellence.

Phase 9 – Finish: Crossing the Finish Line

The project nears completion, and we conduct thorough inspections to ensure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed. Our goal is to exceed your highest expectations.

To learn more about each individual phase, make sure to reach out to us at (702) 575-3845 to schedule a meeting. We look forward to working with your commercial project or custom luxury home in Las Vegas and Henderson.

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