Welcome to the Residential Division of JAG Development specializing in custom luxury homes, semi-custom luxury homes, and high-end remodels. JAG Development is your local construction company and favorite builder serving the most prestigious communities in Las Vegas and Henderson, including Red Rock, The Ridges, Spanish Hills, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Anthem, Ascaya, Roma Hills, MacDonald Highlands, and Lake Las Vegas.

Custom Luxury Homes: With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to realizing your vision, the Residential Division of JAG Development excels in crafting custom luxury homes that reflect your unique individuality and preferences you want to experience every day you live in your home.  

Semi-Custom Luxury Homes: The only difference with semi-custom luxury homes and custom luxury homes is the plans are provided beforehand.  The standard of Integrity, Quality, and Transparency remain through a seamless fusion of personalization and efficiency. These homes are designed with thoughtfulness and constructed with precision, all while upholding the essence of luxury.

High-End Remodels: Need new life in your home? Consider a high-end remodel that can breathe new life into your existing spaces, embodying a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.  

With an unwavering pursuit of perfection and a focus on creating awe-inspiring, forward-thinking, and truly unique living experiences, JAG Development turns dreams into reality by highlighting the art in architecture.   

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Custom Luxury Homes

It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to building your custom luxury homes. You can trust JAG Development and their preferred partners to guide you through the initial concept to the final touches of architectural brilliance with the most cutting-edge modern amenities.

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Semi-Custom Luxury Homes

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury when partnering with JAG Development to build your semi-custom home. Although the design and layout are predetermined, there is a wide range of flexible options to bring your new home to life.

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High-End Remodels

Transform your current place into a high-end, energy-efficient home that will exceed all expectations. The team at JAG Development takes the same approach to a remodel as they would a multi-million dollar lakeside custom luxury home.


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Elevating Residential Construction in Las Vegas & Henderson

The focus of JAG Development’s Commercial Division is to serve the Las Vegas and Henderson landscape with the same rigor as the industry’s bring to the valley. Las Vegas and Henderson stand out with diverse industries, incredible growth, and unique commercial construction needs.  JAG Development takes pride in playing a significant role in shaping the present and future of these thriving communities. 

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Architectural Elegance in Home Building

In the residential construction landscape, JAG Development’s Residential Division distinguishes itself through architectural artistry and seamlessly integrating personalization with efficiency. Whether you need a custom luxury home, semi-custom home, or a high-end remodel, building a custom luxury home that is unique to who you are, requires a partner like JAG Development.   

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Commitment to Craftsmanship in Every Home

Our promise is to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship and support throughout the home building process.  This promise is filled because of the commitment to utilize the most premium materials and a deep commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service.  You can count on receiving the highest standards of excellence with every little detail of your project from start to finish.


As a local construction company fulfilling commercial and high-end residential projects in Las Vegas and Henderson communities, JAG Development is committed to providing personalized solutions that cater specifically to the unique needs and goals of every client we serve.

It starts by collaborating with you to better understand your vision, budget, and timeline, so the work aligns perfectly with your expectations. You’re not just another client with JAG Development; you’re a valued partner, and your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Whether in commercial ventures or high-end residential projects, the intention is to establish relationships that extend beyond construction, which results in exceeding your expectations.

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With JAG Development, luxury is more than a label; it’s a journey where no detail is overlooked. This approach resulted in being recognized and featured on the nationally televised program, The American Dream show on the CW.  


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It was very pleasant meeting the owner and Eddie and Annie.

John E.

We couldn’t have done this without JAG Development, who we consider family.

Koibito Poke Henderson

My wife has you listed in her phone as her favorite builder.

North Shore Lake Las Vegas Homeowner

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