JAG Development has years of experience managing commercial and residential projects and created a proprietary JAG Precision Build construction approach to completing projects, titled JAG Precision Build. Construction projects are meticulously executed for projects ranging from custom luxury homes and semi-custom homes. As a reputable Nevada commercial construction company, JAG Development also utilizes the JAG Precision Build approach for commercial construction projects.


Planning Phase

Just like a plane on the runway, the first phase of the JAG Precision Build construction approach is the plan and design for both commercial and residential construction projects to smoothly take off.   

Permits Phase

In the second phase, the team at JAG Development secure the essential permits and approvals, ensuring that commercial and residential projects meet all local regulations and compliance standards.

Foundation Phase

The third phase is where the site grading and laying the foundation provides a stable base of the construction project.  

Framing Phase

Whether for commercial construction projects or custom luxury homes, the attention to detail in the Framing Phase ensures that the building’s skeleton and roof trusses are precisely positioned, giving the structure its desired form.

All Rough-In Phase

The fifth phase involves the installation of essential systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, for both residential and commercial construction projects. This creates a robust framework for utilities within the structure.

Shell Phase

The Shell Phase extends both interior and exterior aspects with a goal to enclose and define the construction project with drywall installation, stucco application, roofing, and window placement.

Interior Finishes Phase

The seventh phase includes flooring, cabinetry, and paint, bringing custom luxury homes, local semi-custom homes, and commercial spaces closer to their ultimate appearance.

Exterior Finishes Phase

The attention to detail in the Exterior Finishes Phase extends to boosting the external aesthetics of the structure. Whether it’s for commercial construction projects or residential homes, tasks like siding, roofing, stonework, walkways, driveways, parking areas, landscaping, and exterior detailing are all completed with care.

Final Phase

The ninth and final phase accomplishes all necessary inspections and any remaining tasks. The goal is to ensure that each commercial and residential project meets the highest quality standards.  


JAG Precision Build: Clarity in Construction

This innovative JAG Precision Build construction process places a strong emphasis on transparent communication and your involvement throughout the entirety of the construction journey. Unlike conventional construction companies, the JAG Precision Build construction process breaks down the construction journey into well-defined phases, offering you a structured roadmap for your project.  

Vision to Reality: A Continuous Collaboration

From the project’s inception to its final completion, the JAG Precision Build construction process fosters a continuous feedback loop so you can see your vision come to life. All throughout the process you can expect a well-organized and efficient construction process and sense of ownership throughout the construction project.   

Experience and Client Focus: A Formula for Success

With nearly twenty years of experience, JAG Development has delivered successful projects time and time again. The JAG Precision Build construction process integrates JAG Development’s years of experience with the cumulative years of experience by each member of the team. When you combine that experience with the client-centric approach of the JAG Precision Build process, you create a synergy that results in exceptional project outcomes.

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