Partner Spotlight

JAG Spotlight: Home Picture Pros – a Picture Perfect Partnership

We are excited to highlight one of our invaluable partners, Home Picture Pros. Home Picture Pros is a professional, affordable, and reliable real estate photography service for Las Vegas, and Henderson.

Home Picture Pros, led by husband and wife team Matt and Rina Staehs, are the talented folks behind the captivating photos that showcase the artistry of our commercial and residential construction projects.

Every shot narrates a compelling story, accentuating the craftsmanship and ingenuity that define JAG Development. Whether capturing the sleek contours of a commercial skyscraper or the inviting ambiance of a residential community, Home Picture Pros continuously surpasses expectations.

“When we were looking for a photography partner that we could rely on for each and every project, Home Picture Pros stood out to us immediately. Their dedication to quality, attention to detail, and affordability align perfectly with our values at JAG Development.” – JAG Development Co-Founder/President, Addi Gibson

If you’re in the construction, real estate, or development industry and require professional photography services, be sure to contact Home Picture Pros. Reach them at (702) 381-2890 or visit their website:

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