The Commercial Division of JAG Development strives to bring a trusted and distinguished presence to commercial construction projects in Las Vegas and Henderson. At the heart of JAG Development’s mission is a steadfast commitment to delivering Integrity, Quality, and Transparency right from the start of the project. 

Commercial construction in Las Vegas and Henderson is constantly evolving, which means you need a partner that stands out as an emblem of excellence.  JAG Development stands out with experience and a diverse portfolio equipped to tackle a broad spectrum of projects, from large-scale tilt-up construction projects, complex undertakings of a mixed-use development, to the difficulties of tenant improvements and innovative, environmentally friendly initiatives.

From the initial design and planning stages to the meticulous construction and the final finishing touches, the experts at JAG Development handle every facet of the project with care and accuracy. The unwavering pursuit of perfection ensures that even the most rigorous project exceeds the client’s expectations.

When it comes to tenant improvements, JAG Development rises above potential challenges by fully understanding the art behind the architecture of the project and keeping meticulous attention to the nuances of the project. 

The advances in eco-friendly resources for commercial construction projects aligns with JAG Development’s commitment to the community they serve construction practices. You can trust that the latest sustainable technologies and materials are a part of the core of JAG Development.  Sustainable building practices will always be a part of the forward-thinking approach, utilized by JAG Development.

JAG Development brings the trust of a large commercial construction company and also the feeling of a trusted small construction company.  Whether you’re considering a major project, tenant improvements, or sustainable projects, JAG Development is here to exceed your expectations as the best construction company in Las Vegas and Henderson.

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Tilt-Up Construction

It is JAG Development’s attention to detail that ensures your Tilt-Up commercial construction project has the structural integrity and design for a healthy lifespan requiring little maintenance.

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Tenant Improvement

TI commercial construction projects come to life through years of experience working with innovative clients in various industries. JAG Development takes pride in translating your thoughts into an enjoyable, functioning, masterpiece.

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Mixed-Use Development

Since 2021, apartments and condos in mixed-use buildings have skyrocketed in the United States. The over 70 years of experience with the team at JAG Development ensures the successful completion of these complex, urban mixed-use commercial projects.


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Shaping Las Vegas & Henderson’s Commercial Landscape

The focus of JAG Development’s Commercial Division is to serve the Las Vegas and Henderson landscape with the same rigor as the industries bring to the valley. Las Vegas and Henderson stand out with diverse industries, incredible growth, and unique commercial construction needs.  JAG Development takes pride in playing a significant role in shaping the present and future of these thriving communities. 

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Excellence in Every Build

What sets JAG Development apart from other commercial construction companies in Las Vegas and Henderson is the unwavering pursuit of perfection to get the job done right the first time. The leadership team brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse portfolio with a broad spectrum of projects, from intricate large-scale ventures to the fine details of tenant improvements and eco-friendly initiatives. More than building commercial projects, the most important initiative of JAG Development is to cultivate lasting relationships with clients to become the go-to choice for commercial construction in Las Vegas and Henderson.

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Building with Integrity

At JAG Development, a people-first approach is at the heart of every commercial construction project in Las Vegas and Henderson. The priority is, and will always be, building relationships based on integrity, quality, and transparency. More than a construction project, it’s about fully understanding the unique needs of every client, regardless how big or small of a commercial construction project. Clients can depend on JAG Development to foster honest communication and a pursuit of perfection that deliver results above and beyond any expectations. 


As a local construction company fulfilling commercial and high-end residential projects in Las Vegas and Henderson communities, JAG Development is committed to providing personalized solutions that cater specifically to the unique needs and goals of every client we serve.

It starts by collaborating with you to better understand your vision, budget, and timeline, so the work aligns perfectly with your expectations. You’re not just another client with JAG Development, you’re a valued partner, and your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Whether in commercial ventures or high-end residential projects, the intention is to establish relationships that extend beyond construction, which results in exceeding your expectations.





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It was very pleasant meeting the owner and Eddie and Annie.

John E.

We couldn’t have done this without JAG Development, who we consider family.

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My wife has you listed in her phone as her favorite builder.

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