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Bridging the Construction Gap through Shop Class

The demand for skilled trade workers is soaring and the construction industry is facing a significant challenge heading into 2024. In a blog written by Curbio.com we learn the various factors contributing to the skilled labor shortage. We explore the insights shared by Curbio.com and share an update of The Gibson McGath Foundation’s Shop Class, that’s aimed at tackling the skilled trade labor shortage here in the Las Vegas Valley.

The Skilled Labor Shortage A Complex Dilemma

In their blog, Curbio.com referenced the following sources:

  1. ABC (2022). ABC: Construction Industry Faces Workforce Shortage of 650,000 in 2022
  2. PR Newswire (2022). Skilled Trades Labor Scarcity: Workforce Aging as Fewer Recruits Enter Trades
  3. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2022). Occupational Outlook Handbook
  4. Business Insider (2023). More students are learning to be mechanics, chefs, and construction workers as college enrollment shrinks

It was alarming to read their analysis of the challenges we face in the construction industry. With over 20% of construction workers older than 55, and the younger generation’s diminishing interest in these professions, we have a serious problem that is fueled by societal pressures to pursue traditional four-year college degrees.

Misconceptions surrounding skilled labor jobs, such as concerns about physical strain, long hours, and limited benefits, further deter potential workers. Breaking through these stereotypes is crucial for attracting the workforce needed to fill the impending gap in skilled trades.

A Ray of Hope from The Gibson McGath Foundation

In response to the challenges outlined by Curbio.com, the founders of JAG Development, Jeff, and Addi Gibson, along with Eddie McGath, started The Gibson McGath Foundation and have taken a proactive step with bringing Shop Class back.

Shop Class is designed to inspire and educate the younger generation about the opportunities available in the skilled trades. By partnering with local Henderson area high school students, The Gibson McGath foundation seeks to dismantle the misconceptions surrounding these professions and encourage a new wave of skilled workers.


The skilled labor shortage outlined by Curbio.com is undoubtedly a pressing issue, but it also presents an opportunity for innovation and change. The Gibson McGath Foundation stands as a testament to the commitment of creating a robust and skilled workforce for the construction industry. If you would like to learn more about The Gibson McGath Foundation, please contact the Foundation Director, Eddie McGath at (702) 275-0322

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