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Who We Are

Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, JAG Development is more than a construction company; they are thought leaders in the industry who understand the value in establishing good relationships with everyone involved.  The approach to every project is customer-centric and future-focused.  
The core philosophy of JAG Development fuels an unwavering commitment to delivering results that meet deadlines and budgets while exceeding expectations. It’s more than construction; it’s about influencing a community one project at a time.

Our History

The heart of JAG Development can be found through the dynamic partnership of husband and wife, Jeff, and Addi Gibson. Their dedication to the core values of integrity, quality, and transparency defines the very spirit of the company.
Originally formed in 2004 as Gibson Construction in Seattle, Washington, Jeff, and Addi worked on framing projects. As the company grew, Jeff earned his General Contractor’s license and Addi become a realtor so they could offer more services to clients. They rebranded to JAG Development in 2017 when they moved their operation to Henderson, Nevada in the Las Vegas Valley. 
Significant additions came in 2022, when JAG Development purchased the esteemed custom luxury home builder in Lake Las Vegas, the Level Development Group.  Level Development Group has a rich heritage of construction and craftsmanship inherited from generations of European excellence.  In addition to establishing a high-end residential division, Jeff, and Addi, along with Eddie McGath, launched The Gibson McGath Foundation. The Gibson McGath Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local high school students through the transformative Shop Class program.

Our mission is to establish a legacy for generations to enjoy by building with integrity, influencing the development of our community, and impacting the people we serve.

What We Do

The standard of excellence at JAG Development applies to both commercial and high-end residential construction projects. Whether your project requires commercial construction services or high-end residential construction, the approach by JAG Development remains the same.

Pre-Construction Stage

Preconstruction is everything that happens prior to breaking ground and where the foundation for success is established.
You’ll have a peace of mind when you partner with JAG Development because of the accurate estimates, in-depth financial analysis, and comprehensive feasibility studies.

Construction Stage

With the Construction Stage now underway, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put the hammer to the nail.
The success of the Construction Stage is built on the effectiveness of the previous stage and the implementation of our unique Nine-Phase process. Our Nine-Phase process incorporates rigorous site safety protocols, streamlined communication, and efficient coordination.


The Post Construction Stage is more than delivering keys to the client.
For every completed commercial or high-end residential construction project, JAG Development ensures that the job site is spotless, all equipment is returned, and comprehensive training on operating all systems and equipment is provided to those responsible.

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How We Do It

JAG Precision Build is the nine-phase construction approach by JAG Development where precision and excellence converge in every step of the project. This approach to commercial and high-end residential construction projects is innovative within the construction industry.    

JAG Precision Build

Phase 1 – Planning

Phase 2 – Permits

Phase 3 – Foundation

Phase 4 – Framing

Phase 5 – All Rough-In

Phase 6 – Shell

Phase 7 – Finishes

Phase 8 – Exterior Finishes

Phase 9 – Final

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