2024 Trends

2024 Trends in Home Building and Renovations

As we head into a busy building time in 2024, we wanted to share what some are talking about with home building trends. TheSpruce.com published an article, 6 Home Building Trends Taking Over 2024 that highlighted trends that stood out to them.

  • Smart Homes are Here to Stay
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Efficient Kitchens
  • Remodeling Over Building New
  • Elevated Outdoor Living
  • One-Story Home Design

In another article published by TheSpruce.com titled, Designers Share Which Trends They Think Are “in” and “Out” for 2024, they shared what’s trending for remodels this year.

What’s “In”

  • A Rise of Whimsy
  • Blending Eras
  • Playful Wood Patterns
  • Warm Neutrals and Jewel Tone Accents
  • Bold Ceilings

What’s “Out”

  • Boucle
  • Curves
  • Minimalism
  • All-Out Maximalism
  • Barbie

As you consider the exciting journey of building or remodeling a home in 2024, staying current on the latest trends can help create a living space that aligns with your vision. At JAG Development, we’re committed to translating these trends into timeless, personalized homes. Feel free to reach out to us at (702) 570-9170; we’re here to answer any questions and bring your 2024 dreams to life.

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